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English Conversation - Cara Menyatakan Kalimat : Lebih Tidak Menyenangkan, Kritik/Ketidakpuasan, dan Sangat Penting Sekali

Untuk menyatakan suatu kalimat yang lebih tidak menyenangkan, kritik, atau ketidakpuasan digunakan rumus sebagai berikut :

It + To be + high/about time + people + past (Verb II)

Kalimat tersebut biasanya untuk menyatakan suatu tindakan yang sering dilakukan, tetapi tidak pernah terbalas.

Contoh :
- It is high time you (leave) her, she just rakes your money.


- It is time you left her, she just rakes your money.
(Sudah waktunya kamu meninggalkan dia, dia hanya memoroti uang kamu saja).

Latihan :

Buat kalimat dengan menggunakan bentuk :
It + to be + high/about time + verb II

1. After the regime of Orde Baru collapsed, it is high time our leaders (build) the clean goverment.

2. You've been working for the company for six years and never taken your leave. It time you (take) your annual leave.

3. That guy is so barbaric that he chides you many times and you never give a damn. It is high time you (fight) against him.

4. She is always cheated and fooled by people, it is high time she (not) trust people much.

5. You've quarreled with her, and never talked again. It is about time you reconciliate.

6. That man is educated, but he fails to manage people. It is high time he (read) much the psychological book and leadership.

7. She often breaks off with anybody in making date and she can't stand longer keeping in touch with anyone. It is about time she (change) her attitude or else.

8. That lady never works longer for any company. It is about time she (learn) to join with John Robert Power to improve her personnel development.

9. He always comes late to the office and is often reprimanded by the boss. It is time you (wake) up early.

10. You're getting old, still spend your money foolishly. It is high time you (skimp) your money for the future.

11. He's been rich now, he's never helped people. It is high time he (become) a generous person.


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