Soal, Jawaban, dan Materi Sekolah dari SD sampai Universitas

English Conversation - Penggunaan Kata Work

Dalam percakapan, work bisa mempunyai beberapa arti, yang akan dijelaskan di pembahasan artikel kali ini.
A. Berhasil
Contoh :
I tell you what, I've tried to stop smoking, but it doesn't work. Perhaps you've got some tips for me.
(Begini ya, saya sudah mencoba untuk berhenti merokok, tetapi tidak berhasil. Mungkin kamu punya kiat-kiat buat saya.)

B. Bisa
Contoh :
If you do such that way only, certainly, it's not gonna work, you'd better try another way.
(Kalau kamu lakukan dengan cara begitu saja, yakin sekali tidak akan bisa, kamu lebih baik mencoba cara lain.)

C. Jalan
Contoh :
I've been repairing this car for two hours, now, it's working. Well, I'm really exhausted.
(Saya sudah memperbaiki mobil dua jam, sekarang sudah jalan. Saya betul-betul capek.)

D. Mati
Contoh :
The telephone doesn't work. It's been out of order for two weeks, the damaged circuit from the central booth.
(Telepon mati. Sudah rusak selama dua minggu, aliran yang rusak itu dari sentral.)
Sebagai bahan untuk latihan, kamu bisa membuat kalimat di bawah ini berdasarkan ide kamu sendiri dengan menggunakan kata work.
1. Her father is a very conservative person, much critized, and selfish. How do you persuade him in order that he can permit his daughter to come along with you. (The father really likes)
2. The pipe of taping water in that house is leaking. The owner has had it fixed, but still leaking. (Call the plumber)
3. The couple have been separated for more than six months. The family has tried to persuade them to reconciliate, but they don't agree as each still keeps their own strong conviction. (Find somebody they respect or married counselor)
4. A policeman is working to arrange the traffic jam in the rush hour. Such along traffic light street gets a long congestion. How to make the traffic smooth. (Find the other police for a help)
5. The car has been stuck for two days, we can't troubleshoot because we're not the mechanic. (Find the mechanic or drag to the workshop)
6. The customer is not satisfied to the shopkeeper's explanation as he bought the damaged product. (Complain to the in charge person)
7. The patient has been checked and examined, but can't be found the symptom he has, he often feels discomfort. (Suggest visiting the specialist)
8. A friend of yours asked me to find the way to quit smoking as he is a heavy smoker. (No other way it depends on his own conviction)
9. He's been coughing for one week and he has taken some medicines. (The doctor asks him to take the antibiotic)
10. A young man was standing on the top of high building to commit suicide. (ask the police to persuade him not to do that)


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