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Examples of Easy English Conversation Dialogue

Kita akan membahas percakapan sehari- hari dalam bahasa Inggris yang menyatakan tentang setuju, setengah setuju, dan tidak setuju dengan suatu pendapat atau ajakan seseorang.
Di bawah juga tersedia contoh percakapan.
How to Ask If Someone Agrees 
Yeah? Is it OK? 
Do you agree? 
Is that all right with you/ OK with you?
Don’t think/ feel…?
Would you agree that/ with…?
I wonder if you’d agree with…? 

How to Agreement
I agree entirely.
I agree with you. I could agree with you more.
I think so. I think you’re right.
I totally agree. 
That’s quite right/ true.
Yes, I agree. Yes, it’s OK.
You’re right You’re absolutely right. 

How to Partly Agreeing 
I agree with you in principle, but…
I agree with you up to a point, but…
That’s quite true, but… 

How to Disagreeing
I’m afraid,
I can’t agree with you.
I’m afraid, I disagree.
I’m afraid I don’t agree.
I’m afraid I don’t share your opinion.
I couldn’t agree with you less.
 I disagree with you.
I don’t agree at all. I totally disagree.
Not really.
Oh surely not.
Personally, I tend to agree with…
That’s not true. You don’t mean it. 

Examples of English Conversations
Teacher and Student  
Teacher: Well, we’ve decided to hold a camp at Brastagi. Is that OK with you?
Student: That’s lovely.
Teacher: As usual, the camp will be for three days. Those who would like to take part in    this camp must give me their names by tomorrow morning. OK?
Student: But, Sir. We need time to write to our parents and get permission.
Teacher: In that case, you’ll give me your willingness by the 10th of this month at the    least. Is that all right with you all?
Student: Quite all right, Sir. 

Between Friends  
Andi : So we’ll meet at the Royal Cinema at 6.30, OK?
Ricko : But isn’t it too early? The show begins only at 7.30.
Ryan: That’s right, but we might have to stand in the queue to get tickets. So it’s better  to meet at 6.30. Ricky: All right.
Ryan: Okay. Can one of you pick me up from my house?
Ricky: Okay. I shall meet you at your place at 5.20, OK?
Ryan: Fine