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Contoh Soal UKG Bahasa Inggris

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Artikel pendidikan ini spesial untuk para bapak/ibu guru yang akan mengikuti UKG (Uji Kompetensi Guru). Soal-soal di bawah ini akan membantu para tenaga pendidik untuk menjawab soal-soal ujian yang akan dihadapi.
Langsung saja, tanpa banyak basa-basi ya pak/buk.hehehe.. Ini dia contoh-contoh soalnya :

1. Agnes : Look ! The flowers are beautiful.
Who … them?
Moci : I did, and I watered them regularly.
a. are planting
b. planted
c. plants
d. plant
2. Betty : There is not any sugar left, Ratna.
We need … to make cakes.
Ratna : Okay, I’ll buy it then. Do we need eggs, too?
Betty : No, we don’t.
a. many
b. a lot
c. a few
d. any
3. X : I want to take my pill....
Y : Sure! A minute, please.
a. Do you want some?
b. Can you get me a glass of water, please?
c. Can you take me to the doctor, please?
d. Will you buy it for me, please?
4. Anton : What kind of clothes do you like to wear on your birthday party?
Nita : Traditional clothes.
Anton : Traditional clothes?
Nita : Yeah, I ... ask the dressmaker to get it ready next week.
a. can
b. will
c. must
d. may
5. Budi : I think this shirt needs ironing.
Fika : No, I … it. Touch it. It’s still warm.
a. iron
b. will iron
c. am ironing
d. have ironed 
6. Teacher : There are some rules to obey in a conservation. You cannot pick anything in it.
Students : What about catching the animals.
Teacher : You ....
a. can do that too
b. cannot do it either
c. have to do it
d. you may do it

7. Dina : Do you know Rafflesia Arnoldi?
Rani : Yes, it smells very bad … it is a beautiful flower. Dina : And it is also the biggest flower in the world.
a. although
b. but
c. and
d. or

8. Irma : Mardi Lestari was the fastest sprinter in 1989.
Yenny : He’s the fastest … in Indonesia but also in Asia.
a. both
b. either
c. neither
d. not only

9. Pitoy : Wow! It’s cool and nice. And look at this seat and that TV …
Jackson : Yeah, you’re right.
a. What is a luxurious train?
b. What train is luxurious?
c. What a luxurious train it is!
d. What is it? A luxurious train

10. Yuni : How could an Indonesian sprinter, Kalimanto, defeat a Malaysian sprinter, Rosman Alwi in the last SEA GAMES?
Sony : Everyone knows that Kalimanto ran … Rosman Alwi.
a. fast
b. as fast as
c. faster than
d. the fastest

11. These animals have become very rare in Indonesia because people used to hunt them for skin and sport. They look like large cats and have yellow fur with black spots and long tails. The animals are ....
a. lions
b. leopards
c. tigers
d. panthers

12. Librarian : Stop talking, please! You disturb other visitors.
Students : ... We didn’t mean it.
a. We are sorry.
b. We are disappointed.
c. We are happy.
d. We are displeased.

13. Putri wants to apply for a job. Now the manager is interviewing her.
Mr. Gita : What foreign language can you speak?
Putri : English and Italian.
Mr. Gita : … Putri : Yes, fifty words a minute.
a. Can you help me?
b. Can you type?
c. Would you type this letter?
d. Can you write letters?

14. Mr. Harri : Would you get me a cup of tea, please?
Housemaid : I am sorry, sir. ... no tea left. We have only coffee.
a. There is
b. There isn’t
c. There are
d. There aren’t

15. Lina : ..., sir. I come late.
Teacher : That’s all right. Go to your seat.
a. Let me explain
b. I’m sorry
c. I’m happy
d. Sorry to trouble you

16. Syahril : I’ve got a problem with my computer. ... you repair it?
Rudy : Yes, but have you brought it to a computer technician before?
Syahril : Not yet. Rudy : Bring your computer here and I will check it.
a. Will
b. Shall
c. Can
d. Must

17. Suci : What’s the matter with you?
Bella : I’ve got a headache. …
Suci : Yes, of course.
a. Could you get me an “Bodrex”, please?
b. What about going to the doctor?
c. Why don’t you go and see a doctor?
d. Could I help you?

18. Mrs. Yanto : What about our new uniform? Are you going to sew it yourself?
Mrs. Fakih : No, I’m not. I ... to the dressmaker next Sunday.
a. go
b. went
c. have gone
d. will go

19. Lani : My father ... to Singapore.
Sonya : How long will he be there?
Lani : For two weeks.
a. went
b. goes
c. has gone
d. may go

20. Intan : Mom, can I go to the zoo next Sunday?
Mother : I’m afraid you can’t. We ... your grandmother next Sunday.
a. visit
b. visited
c. have visited
d. are going to visit

Bagaimana bapak/ibu? ada soal yang sulit dan tidak dapat dimengerti?
Semoga artikel ini bermanfaat bagi kita semua. Thanks. ;)


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