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Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris SMA kelas XI

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Yang duduk di kelas 2 SMA dan suka materi bahasa Inggris harus membaca artikel di bawah ini. Terdapat banyak contoh soal UAS bahasa Inggris.
Silahkan lihat cuplikan soalnya :

Fill in the missing words to the following passage
On the morning of hari raya, the muslims (1) ….. mosque services in their new clothes. After that, they will (2) ….. for forgiveness from their elders. This is on important custom of the muslims. Visiting relatives and friends is another customary practice. They may also (3) ….. their frends of other races to their homes where many delicacies are (4) ….. on this special occasion. 
1.    a.    come     b.    reach     c.    attend     d.    find     e.    arrive 

2.    a.    say     b.    ask     c.    tell     d.    talk     e.    said 

3.    a.    invite     b.    invites     c.    inviting     d.    invited     e.    to invite 

4.    a.    serve     b.    serves     c.    serving     d.    served     e.    to serve    

5. Kevin : the farmer wants to transmigrate to another island in order to survive.
Novitya: which farmer ?
Kevin : the farmer …….. family consists of a wife and four children.
a. who
b. whom
c. that
d. whose
e. which

6. Fiera : can you turn on this electric store, Yuni ?
Panji : “ I‘m sorry I don’t know …..
a. the way operating it
b. how to operate it
c. what is operated
d. it is operate
e. operating it

7. Farah : you look very busy with your work.
Reidy : sure. If you don’t mind.
How kind you are.
a. are you tired ?
b. can I help you ?
c. do you like to help me ?
d. can you do me a favour ?
e. would you like to help me ?
8. A : you seem to busy.
May I give you a hand ?
B : oh, no thank you. I can do it my self.
The underlined sentence expresses …..
a. offering help
b. asking for help
c. expecting help
d. anticipating help
e. waiting for help

9. Clief : John lost his money on his way to school this morning.
Frisda : oh, poor John.
The underlined sentence expresses …..
a. regret
b. opinion
c. sympathy
d. obligation
e. expectation

Text 1
Princess and the Bowling Ball    
            Once upon a time there was a princes. And this prince’s dad and mom (the king and queen) some how got it into their royal heads that no princess would be good enough for their boy unless she could feel a pea though one hundred mattresses.
             So it should come as no surprise that the prince had a very hard time finding a princess. Every time he met a nice girl, his mom and dad would pile one hundred mattresses on top of a pea. And then invite her to sleep over. When the princess came down for breakfast, the queen would ask, “How did you sleep?”   
             The princess would politely say, “Fine, thank you”. And the king would saw her the door. Now, this is when for three years. And of course nobody ever felt the pea under one hundred mattresses. Then one day the prince met the girl of his dreams. He decided he’d better do something about it. That night, before the princess went to bed, the prince slipped his bowling ball under one hundred mattresses.
When the princess came down for breakfast the next morning, the queen asked, “How did you sleep, dear?” “This might sound odd,” said the princes. ”But I think you need another mattress. I felt like I was sleeping on a lump as big as bowling ball.” The King and Queen were satisfied, and the prince and princess were married. And everyone lived happily, though maybe not completely honestly, ever after.    

10.    What problem do you find in this story …..    
a.    the prince and the bowling ball    
b.    the prince had a very hard time finding a princess    
c.    no body ever felt the pea under one hundred mattresses    
d.    the prince decided he’d better do something about it    
e.    the princess felt like she was sleeping on a lump as big as a bowling ball 

11.    What is the function of the text …..    
a.    to inform about the princess and the bowling ball    
b.    to describe the story of a prince’s dad and mom    
c.    to  retell the events of finding a princess    
d.    to give information how to find a princes    
e.    to entertain the reader 

12.    Why did the prince slip a bowling ball under a hundred mattresses …..    
a.    the princess who slept on it felt like she was sleeping on a lump    
b.    no body ever felt the pea under one hundred mattress    
c.    the princess would he good enough for him    
d.    his dad and mom would be satisfied    
e.    the girl of his dreams one day 

13.    What is the dominant structure used in the text …..    
a.    past perfect               
b.    present perfect     
c.    simple present     
d.   simple past    
e.   present continuous 

14.    The generic structure of the text is …..    
a.    orientation–events–resolution
b.    orientation–events–turst 
c.    orientation–events–reorientation
d.   orientation–reorientation-complication    
e.   orientation-resolution-reorientation    

15.    What is the type of the text …..    
a.    narrative      b.    news item      c.    procedure     d.   fable     e.   recount

Soal ini mungkin berguna bagi adik-adik kelas XI SMA sebagai persiapan menghadapi UTS atau UAS di sekolah.
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