Soal, Jawaban, dan Materi Sekolah dari SD sampai Universitas

English Conversation - Mengungkapkan Sesuatu yang Seharusnya Dahulu Dikerjakan, tetapi Tidak Dilakukan

Dalam Bahasa Inggris, ada aturan dalam mengatakan sesuatu yang seharusnya dahulu dikerjakan, tetapi tidak dilakukan sehingga terjadi penyesalan.

Perhatikan percakapan pendek di bawah ini :
A : Your English is not so good anymore, last time your English was much better than mine. How come?
(Bahasa Inggris kamu jelek sekali, dulu Bahasa Inggrismu lebih baik daripada Bahasa Inggris saya. Kok begitu?)
B : You're right, actually I should have studied harder and should have practiced much.
(Kamu benar, sebenarnya dahulu saya harus belajar lebih keras dan harus banyak latihan)

Sebagai soal latihan, isilah bagian kosong kalimat di bawah dengan bentuk should + have + verb 3
1. A : I tell you what, that product is very good quality and the price is very cheap as well, so a lot of people scramble to buy.
    B : As a matter of fact, you should ...... (buy) it, unfortunately you didn't.
2. A : When the problem is getting worse, you come to me, asking for help it out.
    B : Why shoudn't you ...... (tell) me perhaps you wouldn't have it as worse as you have now.
3. A : Just now, I met your lover, she told me she got mad with you. You kept saying much about her former boyfriend, she hated it.
    B : I suggest you shouldn't ...... (talk) much about that again.
4. A : I got robbed and lost so much especially my wedding ring.
    B : I've told you many times not to wear them but just ignored me.
Why shouldn't you ...... (bring) and .....  (wear) everything on your body.
5. A : I shouldn't ...... (drop by) at your office as I found that you are very busy.
    B : Well, never mind.


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